Symbols of the City


City Emblem

City emblem

(Established January 1st, 2006)

The blue and green represent the abounding nature in the area, from the mountains, to the rivers, to the sea.

The three circles combining into one circle represent the three towns coming together to form one city, as well as harmony, cooperation, and interconnectedness. The orange circle represents each individual’s radiance and vitality, and the form gives off a sense of stability to express the development of a Minamisoma that is creating its own future with room to grow.

City Symbols

Sakura (cherry blossom)


There are many places to view the flower within the city, such as the Odaka River Water Park, Sakuradayama Park, and Yonomori Park. They are the traditional Japanese herald for the arrival of spring and are tied to the heart of the Japanese people. As the city’s most beloved flower, cherry blossoms are a fitting symbol for “A Town of Radiant Gatherings.”

Keyaki (Japanese elm)


Since long ago, keyaki have been planted as windbreak forests to protect houses, and treated as a symbol of schools and shrines. The keyaki is a familiar sight to the people of Minamisoma as well. A keyaki near Haramachi Daiichi Elementary school acts as the school’s symbol, and a large keyaki near Kashimamiko Shrine has been designated a natural monument. With roots anchored deeply into the ground, and lush leaves growing thickly on strong and majestic branches spreading in all directions, this tree is a fitting symbol for “A Town Growing Green.”

Hibari (sky lark)


The namesake of the Soma Nomaoi festival grounds, Hibarigahara, skylarks reside throughout Minamisoma and have a deep connection with the city. These birds soar high in the air, singing cheerfully and bringing the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. Moving toward a bright future, the skylark is a fitting symbol for the ever-advancing “Town Built by Everyone.”

Sake (salmon)


Just as salmon always return to their homes, we remember of our love for our hometown. This fish bears the important role in our longstanding tourism industry and food culture. Leaping upstream from the Pacific Ocean through the Odaka River, the Mano River, and the Niida River, reaching as far as the foothills of Abukuma’s high ground, salmon truly connect the sea to the rivers and mountains, and is a fitting symbol for “A Town Rooted in Nature.”

Hotaru (firefly)


In the middle of our town that is surrounded on all sides by the rich nature of mountains, rivers, and oceans, the sight of fireflies dancing on the banks of pure running rivers gives the people the feeling of summer and abounding nature. As we strive to pass on scenes like this on to future generations and to protect the beautiful nature in which these insects can inhabit forever, fireflies are a fitting symbol for “A Town Coexisting with Nature.”


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