Regarding Human Rights Related to COVID-19


To the residents of Minamisoma,

Consideration for Human Rights

With the spread of COVID-19, it is not permissible to discriminate against infected persons, close contacts, medical staff, or foreigners based on misunderstandings or prejudices.


We ask all of our citizens to obtain accurate information provided by public institutions and to act calmly.


In addition, the Fukushima Legal Affairs Bureau Soma Branch accepts human rights consultations from those who suffer from unjust prejudice, discrimination, and bullying related to COVID-19. When you have issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


With the spread of COVID-19, the Legal Affairs Bureau will provide consultation by phone or internet for the time being to prevent the spread of infection to people within and visiting the agency. So please contact us by phone or internet.

Human Rights Violations on the Internet

If you experience human rights violations such as privacy infringement or discriminatory writing on bulletin boards, or on the Internet, please contact your provider (Internet Connection Services), the homepage, the electronic bulletin board, etc. You can request the information of the sender(s) involved to be disclosed, or request the removal of the information violating your human rights.


Please consult with the Legal Affairs Bureau for advice on how to request providers to delete information violating your human rights and for requests for disclosure of sender information.

Consultation Information

Fukushima Legal Affairs Bureau Soma Branch

Consultation Hours

8:30AM – 5:15PM (excluding weekends and holidays)

Contact Number

0244-36-3413 (direct line)

(Please press "3" when the automated voice is heard.)

Human Rights Consultation for Foreigners

We accept consultation for human rights for foreigners. Information is available in multiple languages.


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