Mask Disposal Method


Things such as masks and tissues used by infected persons often carry traces of viruses (such as COVID-19).

In order to prevent the spreading of infection to family members, local people, city staff who handle waste, garbage disposal companies, etc., citizens are asked to cooperate in following the proper disposal methods of used tissues and masks.

Proper Disposal Method of Tissues and Masks

  • After being used, place the garbage in a garbage bag. Before the bag is too full, close and seal up the bag and take out the garbage on the designated garbage collection day (burnables).
  • After throwing away the garbage, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
  • Please store your garbage bags in the proper bins, or under the nets to prevent wildlife from rummaging through and scattering garbage.
  • Please check your trash calendars and put your garbage out on the correct days.
  • Please be sure to put your garbage out no sooner or later than 8:30 on the collection day.
  • Please use your designated garbage collection site.
  • Please refrain from littering anywhere.

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