Special Stimulus Handout Announcement


Bearing in mind the spread of COVID-19, Japan has implemented a special stimulus handout project to quickly and accurately provide aid to household finances.

Information about the payment is still unsettled and subject to change.

Handout Recipients

Those recorded in the basic resident register on the record date (April 27th, 2020)

Payment Amount

100,000 yen per family member

How to Apply

Applications were sent out on April 28th.

The head of the household will fill out a single application for the entire household.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, please send your application by mail in the return envelope included with the application.

In the event of an application going missing, it can be resent, so please contact the city call center.

[Papers to be Submitted]

  • Application paper

    Please write neatly with a ball point pen. Draw two lines through any errors, and write the correct information in the white space around the error.

  • Copy of bank booklet

    With regards to your bank account, if at all possible, please specify a banking facility within Minamisoma. (for the sake of a swift deposit)

  • Copy of a form of verification (e.g. driver’s license)

[Application example, etc.]

Application Deadline

July 28th (Tuesday) (applications with postmarks on that day are valid)

Contact Information

  • Inquiries about the system as a whole

    National call center: 03-5638-5855 (weekdays 9am~6:30pm)

  • Inquiries about application entry, etc.

    City call center: 0244-24-5468 (9am~5pm)

For Those Escaping Domestic Violence

Those escaping domestic violence, and who are unable to update their municipal certificate of residence before April 27th, 2020, are able to receive the special stimulus handout from the municipality in which they reside if they complete the following claim procedure.

Warning about Fraudulent Applications

  • Authentic applications for the distribution of special stimulus handouts by the city and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will NOT require any steps involving an ATM or handling fees.
  • If your receive any mail, emails, or phone calls from someone claiming to be associated with Minamisoma or the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, please contact the city or the nearest police station (or the police consultation phone line [dial 9110]) immediately!

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