Pharmacies Providing Medical Antigen Test Kits


Below is information about city pharmacies that provide antigen test kits for COVID-19.

Please note that the list does not guarantee the pharmacy’s current inventory, so if you are considering purchasing a kit, please check the inventory status with the pharmacy, etc., in advance.

Pharmacies Providing Antigen Tests

Related Information

【Fukushima Prefectural Antigen Test Kit Provision Project】

Fukushima Prefecture has established a service that provides free antigen test kits for those with mild symptoms or those who are close contacts.

【About Purchasing Antigen Test Kits Online】

It is possible to also purchase antigen test kits online.

However, only antigen test kits approved by the government (体外診断用医薬品) can be used for positive diagnosis of COVID-19, so please check before purchasing.

For details of approved kits, please check the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.


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