Guide to Visiting the Museum


Open Hours

Cartoon Minamisoma horseback samurai

9am – 4:45pm

(Final entry at 4pm)

Closed Days

Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the museum will be closed the following day)

December 29 – January 3

The museum will be open the final day of Soma Nomaoi (Monday) in July, and will be closed the following day.

To the People who Wish to Visit Our Museum

The museum is in the middle of the prefecture-run Azumagaoka Park, with the parking lot approximately 200 meters away from the museum entrance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Drop-off near the entrance is available upon request for the elderly and those who have difficulty walking long distances, so please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 0244-23-6421

Entrance Fees

For days when only the regular exhibits are displayed

  Individual price Group price*
General admission 300 yen 250 yen
High school student 200 yen 150 yen
ES/JHS student 100 yen 80 yen


For days when special exhibits are displayed (entrance fee for regular exhibits included)

  Individual price Group price*
General admission 400 yen 250 yen
High school student 200 yen 150 yen
ES/JHS student 100 yen 80 yen
  • Entrance is free for ES, JHS, and high school students who live or go to school in Minamisoma or Iitate Village.
  • Entrance is free for those with disabilities and one of their chaperons, as well as for households living on welfare (you will need to present a disability certificate or proof of receiving payments).

*Group prices will apply to groups of 20 or more people.

Free Visit Days

This museum is open with free entrance to everyone on the following days in the 2002 fiscal year.

Children's Day May 5 Tuesday (holiday)
Fukushima Prefecture Citizens' Day August 22-23 Saturday-Sunday
Respect the Elderly Day September 21 Monday (holiday)
Tohoku Culture Day November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
Coming of Age Day January 11 Monday (holiday)



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